About us

MetropolisNet – Urban network for social inclusion and employment

MetropolisNet developed from a collaborative network of Territorial Employment Pacts. The concept of a free spirit transnational network was developed in Bremen in January 1998 and formalised in Copenhagen in March 1998. Its work began with a series of practical workshops and study visits in London, Stockholm, Hamburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Brussels and Berlin. Since March 2009 it is registered as an official EEIG (European Economic Interest Group) in Berlin.

MetropolisNet evolved from a transnational network created to support EU local employment initiatives, including Employment Pacts. The organisations involved in the network have much in common, especially their strong commitment to tackling issues of unemployment and social exclusion, in a context of evolving local development policy and ethnic and cultural diversity.

MetropolisNet is a vehicle for inter-city and interorganisational collaboration in promoting the empowerment of local actors by emphasing the local dimensions of EU policies on employment and social affairs, and for developing the local dimension of EU strategies on employment, social inclusion and local development. It fosters the European Union’s Lisbon Agenda, in particular sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.

MetropolisNet Goals

MetropolisNet is a grouping of urban organizations and partnerships involved in social inclusion and labour market strategies at local level in large European cities. The members of the EEIG consider the promotion of employment and social inclusion to be essential for the sustainable economic growth of urban areas.

MetropolisNet fosters the exchange of information, experience and know-how between its partners. In this context it acts as a forum for exchanging information and good practice in supporting disadvantaged groups to reintegrate into the labour market (e. g. low skilled workers, young unemployed, migrants, long-term unemployed).

MetropolisNet supports and co-ordinates local area partnerships and employment pacts in implementing the local approach of the European Employment Strategy.

The partners of MetropolisNet also collaborate in joint projects to realise their objectives. The funding for such projects may be secured by partners acting on an individual basis or through joint applications at EU level. This is facilitated by the formal legal registration of MetropolisNet as an European Economic Interest Group, which enables it to seek funding as a collaborative network.

Co-operation through MetropolisNet strengthens the strategies of network members for sustainable development within their cities. The partners therefore aim to link up with other relevant bodies at local, regional, national and European level to strengthen this approach and to keep the network open to other interested partners.