the gsub group consists of the parent company, gsub mbH, with subsidiaries gsub-Projekte­gesellschaft mbH and gsub-Starterjobs GmbH.  

gsub mbH is a private fund or grant management and consulting agency which works on behalf of German Federal Ministries and the Government of the Land Berlin. We administrate publicly funded projects, predominantly from ESF and national sources. Gsub consultants advise Ministries and public bodies in the field of active labour market policies, for instance, our "Prospective 50plus" programme (dealing with older long term unemployed) on behalf of the Germany Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Moreover, through in gsub Projektgesellschaft mbH, we develop and implement employment or labour market projects at the European, national, regional and local levels. Through gsub-Starterjobs GmbH we organise employment schemes in the public sector on behalf of the Land Berlin. Through this company we work directly with clients (long-term unemployed, vulnerable labour market groups).

Generally speaking gsub group supports processes, companies and institutions in creating and sustaining jobs. We offer products and services which have a positive impact on employment and implement programmes and innovative projects aimed at integrating people into working life, combating discrimination, and promoting life-long learning and social cohesion.  

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Dr. Reiner Aster, managing director
Dr. Diana Peitel, project manager Europe,
Kronenstraße 6
10117 Berlin – Germany
phone: 0049-(0)30 – 28409-129
fax:0049 – (0)30 – 28409 – 210

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0049-(0)30 – 28409-129

0049 – (0)30 – 28409 – 210

Kronenstraße 6
10117 Berlin