Ballymun Jobcentre


The Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation. Since opening, the BJC has adapted to changes in the environment in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the community. A voluntary organisation with charitable status, the BJC has a proven track record of providing quality and innovative services. The BJC has achieved both the “Excellence Through People” and the Q-Mark Awards.

The mission of the BJC is to raise the skills and labour market aspirations of individuals in Ballymun and to promote the Ballymun labour force to employers. The overall objective of the BJC is to provide individuals with greater labour market choice and the opportunity to improve their employability, increase their earnings and reduce their vulnerability to poverty.

The BJC provides a comprehensive range of services to create pathways to either further training, education or employment for its registered clients. This is done within a progression framework, which is initiated by; client referral (self referral) → registration → Guidance and Job seeking support → Processes (specialist services) → Training Education → Job placement.

Since 1996 the BJC has managed the LESN on behalf of the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership and DSP. The BJC also manages a Job Club and JI on behalf of DSP. The BJC is working with the DSP in the provision of Employment Action Plan.

A key element of the work at the BJC is to build relationships with employers. The BJC provides a professional and free service to employers assisting them in recruitment of staff. The BJC has over twenty years experience of working with employers in meeting their recruitment needs.



Unit 36 Ballymun Town Centre, Ballymun
Dublin 11 Dublin